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At Crown Kemble, no matter what specialty or space we are working within, our firm is focused on building teams, coaching, mentoring, and providing the consultation you need to remain competitive and consistently achieve success.

Build-outs and Expansions

Specializing in start-up companies, pre-FDA approval, and expansions, and delivering the highest-quality candidates crucial to your needs, Crown Kemble has experience on commercial build-outs from 15 to 100 employees. Always completing each project on time, with first-class service, communication, and internal and external follow-up.

Executive Search

When a company is heading toward commercialization, many roles play an integral part in building a successful organization. Crown Kemble will help your business manage your incoming data pool as well as search for compatible candidates to effectively fill these roles.

Specialty and Oncology

Focusing on oncology, from supportive care to chemotherapy, immuno-oncology, CAR-T, and cellular therapy, our recruitment experience is second to none. And our access to the space's critical talent is unmatched due to our personal industry experience and years of partnerships with many of the industry leaders. Our expertise does not stop there. We have proven experience with nephrology, gastroenterology, pain, sleep, rare disease, and other specialties. Due to the connections we make with clients and candidates, we are confident the disease state does not matter; what matters is our belief in the company and people with whom we partner with. If that trust and communication are reciprocal and we know a patient's life will be impacted positively, we know we can help build the right team for you.

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