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Crown Kemble Associates is dedicated to helping professionals seize biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical career opportunities that meet their needs and support that precious work-life balance. We understand the significance of changing careers or companies and respect the trust you place in us to help you manifest those changes. At Crown Kemble, we want every action and every act of advocacy to strengthen your faith in our firm.

We get to know you, taking the time to have conversations that will allow us to completely understand your needs. We know that every candidate is different, and it is important that, once we identify the right position for you, we set high expectations. Crown Kemble looks for professionals with excellent communication skills, candidates who make an effort to educate themselves on the client company and its products, and those who maintain a high level of ethics professionally and personally.

When working with a candidate, our goal is to find you a new home, not just a job as we know this step will impact not only you but your future and / or your family and that is something we don't take lightly.

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Crown Kemble is your career consultant. We offer the following resources to help you get to where you want to be.

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Kim is the consummate professional; a true pleasure to work with!

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“The difference between a breakthrough innovation and a life changing medicine is the people who stop at nothing to bring it to patients. Connecting innovation with people is what CKA was founded to do.”